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The Chevron island precinct is lucky enough to feature a wide variety of housing types to suit virtually anyone looking for a home. On Chevron Island itself there are still a few older style single storey homes that date back to the 1960’s. More common are larger, modern 3 and even 4 storey homes, along with exclusive riverfront homes along the perimeter of the island.

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Adjoining Chevron Island is Cronin Island, a prestige community accessible only via a bridge that continues as the single street on Cronin Island. Naturally, given the limited supply of real estate, homes on Cronin Island are grandiose and extremely exclusive. In fact, the first million-dollar house sale in Queensland was in 1983 on Cronin Island!

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The Chevron Island precinct on the Gold Coast has it all! Walking distance from trams and buses, a strip of boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment. Close to primary and secondary schools, medical facilities, golf courses, and the Gold Coast Turf Club.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams from a lavish waterfront lifestyle to a modest single storey home or apartment, there’s plenty to choose from.