The Auction process is both a popular and effective method of Marketing and Selling Real Estate. Below is a summary of the advantages of Auction:-

*Auction does not disclose a price and it is up to the buyers to determine a fair market value. If the property sells before or on  the Auction day there is no cooling off period and the contract becomes unconditional on signing. Marketing is designed to attract as many suitable buyers as possible,thus creating competition and achieving the best possible price on the day,often in excess of a private treaty list price. Buyers must be able to perform and need to carry out all  necessary inquires and checks prior to the Auction day. A pre-determined reserve price protects the seller and the auctioneer cannot sell the property below the reserve without the authority of the seller. There  is usually a 3-4 week marketing campaign prior to the actual Auction day. Settlement is recommended to be within 30 days of the contract signing. Marketing costs vary.

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